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How small businesses can grow through exporting

13 Dec

If your business is in a small market, sending your goods off to foreign lands opens up new opportunities to make sales otherwise unavailable to you. The opportunity can be endless. Overseas clients can be a great credibility boost to your business and once you have a track record as an exporter, you may find it easier to win new business both locally and overseas. As an exporter, you can have access to larger markets than at home, making your business more valuable when the time comes for you to exit or sell. Exporting can give you the scale required to be able to invest more into the products and processes within your business.

Just navigating out of the harbour can involve some serious logistics. Consider the distance your goods are travelling, shipping and delivery costs and making sure you insure yourself in case things go wrong.
Any product or service requires a level of support that overseas customers can access, whether that is someone on their own country or via a help desk.

Even if you’re providing a virtual service via the cloud, such as software or online consulting, using the Internet removes logistics issues but you’ll still need to support your clients from a distance.

The below article looks at the benefits British small businesses can take advantage of through exporting.

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