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How small businesses can improve their customer experience

16 Aug

What it comes down to is this: what customers think of service will have a major impact on sales. It’s not just that they won’t come back if they think a business is not up to par; they’ll tell their friends about it as well, and the business will lose not only their existing customer, but any potential ones as wel.

Of course, the reverse is true too, and that’s what small business owners should be aiming for. If their customers have a great experience, they’ll tell their friends and family, generating more customers – and more sales – for that business.

So it’s important for small business owners to focus on, and strive for, excellent customer service. For that, the message needs to be communicated to their staff. Knowledgeable, friendly and experienced employees are a must for providing an outstanding customer experience. Training employees to go the extra mile, and to take notice of small details, are important factors.

Then there’s the complaints process. All too often people look at these as a negative experience, when in fact, it’s a prime opportunity to come out looking like gold. If a customer’s complaint can be resolved quickly and efficiently, their impression is going to be favorable, and they’re going to tell others about it. Not only that, but the business will have learned a valuable lesson and know not to make the same mistake in future.

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