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How social media can help grow a business

28 Nov

Social media should be part of any marketing mix: it’s a cheap, effective and easy-to-use marketing tool. On social media, people talk about products and services. They talk about a great coffee they had at a particular café, or they moan about the awful service they experienced at their local garage. If a business is not on social media, chances are it won’t hear about these conversations. With a social media presence, business owners can listen to what customers are saying about their business, their competitors and their industry – and can step in and join the conversation if necessary.

Which brings us to the next key point: with social media business owners can have two-way conversations with their customers. Unlike other marketing channels, it’s not just the business broadcasting its message to its target audience. With social media, a business owner can ask questions, respond to comments and build a better relationship with their customers.

Social media should be integrated with a business’s website, so they work together and complement each other. Adding “share” and “like” buttons to written content on the website is a good way to do this.

The below article has more tips on how to develop a targeted social media strategy.

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