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How to get the most out of Google

12 Oct

Google’s more than just a search engine. There are a variety of tools they offer that benefit small businesses, and most of them are very cost-effective (sometimes, free!)

So it makes sense to find out what they have available and make the most of them. The first and most obvious thing to get right – as we’ve mentioned many times – is SEO (search engine optimization). When considering website strategies, it’s important to keep in mind that everything should be geared to optimising SEO as much as possible, and how Google can help achieve that. They have tips on SEO strategy that are well worth checking out. And Google Analytics can then measure how effective a strategy is.

Then there are marketing tools that do cost, like AdWords. Business owners can design an ad that will appear prominently in the search engine results, and Google is paid a certain amount everytime someone visits the business website.

So it’s well worth looking into what Google can do to help boost the marketing strategy of a small business. The below article has more tips on how to get the most out of Google.

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What do small businesses search for on Google?

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