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How to make sure your online content stays relevant

31 Aug

The best content marketing doesn’t rest on its laurels. If your customers are used to seeing regular features from you, such as newsletters, updates to financial tools, case studies and interviews with small business experts, make sure you keep them coming. It’s a great way to push through a lull and keep your content fresh. In other words, if business isn’t quite what you’d hoped at any point, that’s not the time to let your content go stale.

If you’ve got blog writers, give them the freedom to express themselves in their own voice. Banking content can sometimes come across as a bit dry, and if you’ve got colleagues on your team who are taking turns writing blogs, this is a great way to keep things fresh, especially if they’ve been given the freedom to write in their own voice.

If you think your content’s becoming stale, increase production. Give some thought to other ways your content could come alive. You could add more case studies – people always like to read about business successes – run more competitions, or look into developing a new financial tool that’s both interesting and useful for customers to use. Remember though, your content still needs to be relevant. You’re not creating more just for the sake of having more.

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