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How to travel the world while running a small business

08 Jul

Yesterday we touched on the benefits of being a small business owner. Since it’s Friday, it seems like rounding off the week with some tips on how to travel the world while still running a business ties in nicely.

It could be considered a drawback that being a small business owner means it’s difficult – if not impossible – to switch off from work when on vacation. But there’s a way around it – if a business owner can’t ignore the demands of their business, the trick is to dedicate one day of the vacation to it. That way, they’re taking care of business and once that day is over, they’ll probably find it easier to switch back into holiday mode, without anything work-related hanging over them.

The great thing about today’s technology – social media, cloud-based accounting and applications and mobile banking – is that business owners can run their business from anywhere, at anytime. So although it’s important for them to tell their team to contact them only in an emergency, it’s still going to be easy to do and it means they can resolve the issue from where they are.

So while not completely off the grid, they’re still going to be able to enjoy their vacation and keep in touch with business – the best of both worlds.

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