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Infographics – effective visual content

10 Mar

If it’s visual, it’s engaging

There’s no secret to it – quality visual content grabs attention faster and your reader retains the information longer. Which is why infographics can be such a useful tool when it comes to content marketing.

Let’s face it, banking content can sometimes be a bit dry. One of the best ways to spice it up and still get your message across is to present it visually. And an infographic is an engaging way to present that information at a glance.

Let’s say you’re presenting information that includes a lot of statistics. Lines of text containing multiple percentage figures aren’t going grab your audience’s attention in the same way as showing it to them in an infographic.

Or you could be promoting a new financial business tool, and an infographic illustrating how the process works and benefits to the customer is a great way to get that message across.

Why infographics?

Infographics are an effective content marketing tool because they:

  • Are easy to share on any medium – you use them across the spectrum of your online strategy.
  • Have the potential to go viral – if a piece of your content goes viral, that’s a major win.
  • Attract attention – it gets across your banking brand, your services and your promotions in a fun format.

Tips for creating a great infographic

There are a few key things to consider when developing the concept for an infographic. You’re looking to do two main things – grab audience attention and deliver a message. Some ways of doing this are:

  • Concept – what you’re aiming to do is tell a story visually. So think of ways that images can get your message across. For example, if you’re promoting a small business start up package, think of images that represent it, like a toolbox.
  • Data – one of the great things about infographics is that you can present somewhat dry statistics in an interesting way. So make your statistics stand out.
  • Design – for this you need a great graphic designer, and unless you’re one yourself, don’t consider DIY-ing it. Get someone with a creative flair who understands content marketing to work on the design.

If you haven’t tried them before, give them a go. Infographics are one of the best ways to present information using a visual platform, and they’re a great way to engage your audience. Infographics are fun for both you and your customers, so make the most of them.

Here at TSBC, we can help you create interesting, engaging and attractive infographics. Contact us on to find out how we can help you.


Glen Senior
Glen is the founder and CEO of The Small Business Company, a New Zealand based agency that specialises in helping banks communicate with small businesses through content marketing. He has written a number of books on small business principles and is a sought after consultant and conference presenter.

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