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Keep calm and proofread

24 Jan

There are many reasons people don’t take the time or trouble to thoroughly proofread their content – they’re too busy, they think they’ve picked up all the errors during the writing phase, they see it as a waste of time – but the most common reason is they figure that what they’ve got is good enough.

Content that’s accurate, polished and professional reflects on you as a bank. Your customers don’t want to see errors in your content marketing, because that’ll get them thinking about where else you might have made mistakes. The very last thing a bank needs.

So it’s a good idea to get someone else to proof your work, because they’re more likely to pick up things that you won’t. And there are some pretty good arguments for getting a professional to do it.

If for whatever reason you can’t make use of a professional, then there’s a basic process you can use to proofread your own copy:

  1. Print it
  2. Read it aloud
  3. Read it backwards

It’s not ideal, but it works.

Why you should make proofreading part of your content strategy

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