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Keeping content fresh and relevant

08 Nov

One of the golden rules of content marketing is that is should be fresh and dynamic. That it should be updated regularly and be always engaging and entertaining.

Sometimes, easier said than done. And not always easy for banks, who sometimes find it difficult to make content fun and engaging.

This is where it’s important to think creatively, outside the box. Try and put yourselves in your customers’ shoes, and ask yourself what you’d like to see in a bank’s website content.

For instance, if you’ve got a new financial package launching and you want to promote it, try and think of ways it can get the message across in a different way. Instead of placing a text and images promotion on the website, you could put together a video that describes the new financial solutions in a humorous way.

Get your team together and have some brainstorming sessions. Review anything that’s coming up that you want to promote, and challenge everyone to come up with ways to market them creatively.

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The more engaging your content, the less likely your audience is to click away.

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