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Keeping your content relevant heading into 2017

02 Dec

As we farewell 2016, it could be a good idea to review the content that your bank has published over the year and analyze it. What’s worked? What’s created the most interest? What’s generated the most traffic or engaged the most customers? Conversely, what content only generated the sound of crickets?

Then, using this information, look ahead to 2017 and start thinking about what the new year might bring in terms of content for your bank’s website.

Successful content marketing is always fresh and innovative. It doesn’t matter if there’s not a lot going on in the world of small business banking at any given time – it’s up to you to try and make something of it anyway. So although you might not have any new financial tools to promote, or small business loan packages to showcase, you still need to keep your audience engaged.

Try to do the unexpected with your content – after all, small business banking is typically seen as somewhat tedious and dry. So think outside the box with your content marketing strategies and surprise your audience.

The below article looks at more techniques for keeping your content fresh and dynamic heading into the new year.

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