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Keeping your content relevant

05 Oct

There may be times you can rest on your laurels with your online content, but when you’re going through a stale patch is not one of them. Quite the opposite actually – it’s important to consistently create content when things are in a bit of a lull.

So if your customers are used to seeing regular features from you, make sure you keep them coming. It’s a great way to push through the lull and keep your content fresh.

One of the best ways to invigorate stale content is to start thinking about what else you could include. If the old standbys are becoming stale, give some thought to other ways your content could come alive. You could run more competitions, or look into developing a new how-to video that’s both interesting and useful for customers to use. Remember though, your content still needs to be relevant. You’re not creating more just for the sake of having more.

Keep up your production levels, look at ways to inject more personality into your blogs, and make sure you’re always thinking of new features you could include. Generate feedback from your customers about what they’d like to see in your online content. Above all, stay upbeat and confident.

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