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Looking back over 2016 and gearing up for Christmas

07 Dec

For most businesses – especially those that are retail-based – one of the busiest times of the year is coming up – Christmas. Everyone’s planning or doing their Christmas shopping, and taking their families on holiday, so it’s a boom time for retailers. What’s important is knowing how to make the most of this increase in sales, so that the business can better weather the subsequent quiet months.

As with most things, successfully negotiating any area of the business cycle is down to planning. When the business is going through a busy time – such as the upcoming Christmas holiday – it’s still important to look ahead to the lean months, which are the perfect time to get organized.

It’s also a time to look back over the year and take stock. Literally, and figuratively. Review your business and think about what went wrong, how you fixed it, what went right and how you capitalized on it.

The below article looks at several things business owners should take into account when reviewing their 2016, as well as questions to ask themselves and tips for how to give back during the holiday season.

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