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Make sure your content’s heard over the internet chatter

08 Nov

These days, it’s not just your competitors you’re vying with for audience attention. You’ve got to get your content noticed among all the “Funniest cat fails you’ll ever see!” videos, your customer’s Facebook friends, and headlines screaming the latest celebrity to defect from Scientology.

Getting your share of attention amongst all this online noise is a bigger challenge than it used to be. And when it comes to banking content, it’s even tougher to get customers clicking on you instead of the most recent “funny cats” video doing the rounds.

One of the best ways to get customers returning to check out your content on a regular basis is to give that content a ‘voice’ that’s uniquely ‘you’. Whether it’s an irreverent humour, a penchant for witty catchphrases or a unique way of encouraging feedback, you need to establish your place in the world of content marketing by developing and utilising your own unique voice.

The great thing about the way content marketing’s headed is that it allows you to develop better and more personal relationships with your customers than before. You’re not just throwing stuff out there for them to read, you’re engaging them in conversation. So you need to define the way you ‘talk’.

And your conversation should be more interesting than the latest LOL KATZ video!

How to be heard above the noise

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