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Make the most of case studies

21 Jun

Case studies are an excellent way for a bank to not only give a shout-out to its successful small business customers, but also to boost their own brand awareness and small business banking packages. They’re a win-win piece of content, being among the most popular read on banking websites as well as giving small businesses an extra marketing boost.

They take time and work to put together, and that’s why they shouldn’t go to waste. A case study is a content marketing gold mine, and there’s more than can be squeezed out of it than just reading about a small business’s successes.

For instance, you could turn the case study into an infographic. Illustrating how the client made use of some of your key tools and resources is a very effective way of getting the message across. You can also extrapolate some of the best quotes from the case study interview and use them on your website as testimonials.  Or you could film the small business owner during the interview and use the video as a complementary item to the case study.

This article from Navigator Multimedia looks at 5 unbeatable benefits of case studies for content marketing.

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