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Make the most of CTAs

20 Jun

Calls To Action (CTAs) are links on your website or social media profile. They can be anything – a button, a video link, a calendar item – anything that gets your customers clicking on it to take them to whatever it is you’re trying to promote.

There are a lot of banks that don’t have clear CTAs on their website, especially contact details. If a customer has to go searching for way to contact a small business advisor, they may just click away. Which is why, for a bank website, a really good example of CTA is a large, clear contact button that takes them straight to the bank’s page on contact details.

They’re also great if you’re promoting anything new, like a new option in your payment solutions package, or a new deal on small business lending.  You might have written a blog about a new financial package or upcoming industry event – if there’s nowhere to click for further information, the blog’s not going to be nearly as valuable and worthwhile as it can be.

The Content Marketing Institute has 5 tips for writing better CTAs for your website.


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