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Making sure small business customers aren’t being ignored

14 Dec

Small business owners have a lot to deal with. Running a business takes a huge amount of time and energy, with long hours and few breaks. So it’s no wonder that they rely on assistance where they can find it, and for banks, that doesn’t have to mean purely financial assistance.

The small business section of any bank’s website is a go-to resource for most small business owners. And there are some banks that make sure this section is packed with tools, guides, calculators, blogs, case studies – basically any resources they can think of that would help their small business customers.

For those that don’t pay as much attention to their website’s small business section, the new year is a good time to review it and ask – what else can we do to help our small business customers? Do they feel as if they’re being ignored?

Start by asking them to participate in a survey. The questions should be geared to what they feel the bank’s lacking in. Formulate the responses and then discuss how the bank can take action. Often, bringing a website’s small business section up to scratch can be done relatively cheaply and quickly.

The article below looks at how SMEs are ignored – is your bank guilty of it?

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