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Making the most of mobile

25 May

People are relying on their smartphones for increasing tasks these days, and technology is jumping ahead in leaps and bounds, with new apps being developed all the time. For instance, if your bank has a mobile app that allows your small customers to receive payments from their customers, it’s something they should be taking advantage of, especially service-based businesses.

People like paying for a job well done, on the spot. So if you’ve got small business customers who are running a gardening or lawnmowing business, adapting this technology will not only allow their customers to pay as soon as the job’s finished, but they’ll have the money in their account faster. They’ll improve their cash flow and they won’t be wasting time creating and chasing up invoices, or waiting for checks to clear.

But even without a payment app like that, a lot of their business, especially data and financial activities, can be done using their mobile phone, so they can keep on top of their finances at all time. The below article looks at how mobiles can be used for data saving and sharing for small business owners.

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