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Making the most of multiple marketing devices

11 Oct

These days, it’s not enough to rely on one or two marketing methods. Small business owners need to be looking more closely at their customers, analyzing not just their buying behavior, but the means by which they search for, and read about, businesses.

Of course, much of what any small business can achieve in terms of marketing is down to the budget, but improving how they get their message across and boost brand awareness doesn’t have to involve a lot of cash.

Take a business website, for example. It’s surprising how many of them aren’t mobile-friendly, which is a pretty big oversight when you consider how many people do their browsing on their smartphone. So when it comes to a review of a business’s website, ensuring that it’s mobile friendly should be Job #1.

Still on the website, SEO is just as important. There’s no point having a great website if no-one can find it, so making sure that SEO is part of the marketing budget is a must.

Then there’s social media. With over 1 billion users on Facebook alone, not including social media platforms into their marketing mix is something small businesses can’t afford. It’s cheap, effective, modern and one of the best ways to reach a target audience.

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