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Making the most of online resources

05 Dec

The great thing about the internet for small business is that there’s almost an unlimited amount of resources out there that an help grow a business, and many of them are free.

Small businesses should always be seeking to improve their cash flow, and one of the best ways to generate savings is to use whatever’s free.

Social media, for example. It’s one of the best marketing tools a small business can use, and it’s (mostly) free. It’s also pretty much essential, since everyone’s online these days, and most of them use social media – so it’s the best way for small business owners to engage with their customers.

Then there are applications and software for mobile phones and websites, such as cloud-based accounting software. Keeping accounts in the cloud is safer, easier and more accessible than relying on a single device for storage.

The below article looks at 25 online resources that small business owners can make use of to help grow their business.

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