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Making the most of your high-value content

28 Mar

If you’ve created and published a piece of content that’s generated a lot of traffic and leads, it’s important not to let it go to waste. Almost all Hero content can be turned into something else, making sure that you’re squeezing every drop of value out of it.

You might have written a series of blogs around one subject, such as managing cash flow. You could take each of those blogs, reformat them as necessary, and create an eBook that turns each blog post into a chapter. Think about it: you might have written on cash flow forecasting, understanding cash flow, shortening cash cycles and improving cash flow. Your small business customers would find an eBook that encompasses all of those into one comprehensive piece of content of high value.

Or you might have published a case study highlighting the success of one of your small business customers. Images could be used in an infographic, or you might have a separate video to accompany the case study.

Successful content is flexible, dynamic and easily repurposed. It’s also a great fallback if you’re running short of ideas!

Talk to us about how we can help you repurpose your high-value content and improve lead generation.

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