Sunday, 22 July 2018

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Mcommerce – the changing face of business banking

Today’s customers are shrewd, web hungry, mobile-confident data searchers – and they’re looking for whichever brand or business can offer them the best deal. Mobile commerce – or Mcommerce – has broken down restrictions on when and where people can trade.

Your mobile platform will drive future sales

Consumers have been using mobile phones for the best part of the new millennium, but times are changing rapidly with the surge in global online purchases on portable devices. Whether through website platforms or easy-to-use apps, the battle for the online dollar has gone wireless.

There are issues though – such as slow downloading speeds, sites crashing, and poorly designed websites for mobile devices.

So what are customers looking for from their bank’s mobile website? Well, for starters:

  • An optimized site – many people have a phone, a tablet and a laptop these days. They want your website to work equally easily on all their gadgets. By designing an app that’s well presented and works similarly across devices will satisfy users. For example, US Bank have a highly responsive website that’s optimized across different devices.
  • Quality content – that’s easy to read and navigate. When time is at a premium and your customers are out and about, they want to access what they need quickly without getting bogged down in wordiness.
  • Functionality – if your mobile site is practical and is mapped out well, expect your customers to stick with you. In most cases, people want to make the least clicks possible to achieve their goal.

Keep it simple to keep your customers

Businesses are clearly cranking up their communication and content, thinking that the more information and interaction they provide, the better the chances of keeping customers who might be considering change.

However, in an overcomplicated, over marketed world, many people are choosing simplicity. Ensuring your messages are straightforward and to the point will switch a lot of customers on to what you’ve got to offer.

Design a fantastic customer experience

Successful mobile apps and websites answer three important questions – does it work, is it useful, and will it make life easier?

It’s all about designing a Mcommerce app or website that’s fit for purpose. Understanding the way people interact with apps on their mobile gadgets is vital to building engagement and trade through them.

Aim to monitor how your customers use your mobile website or app so you can find out where improvements could be made. For example, PayPal has continued to refine its mobile experience to make paying easier.

Your next version should also be refined and enhanced to attract more Mcommerce.

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