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Mobile marketing – an essential tool for small businesses

20 Jul

Everyone’s got a smartphone these days. Well, almost everyone. The point is that more and more people are using their smartphones for many aspects of their daily lives, and that includes searching the internet for business solutions.

So it’s important that your small business customers are aware of this and making the most of mobile technology to boost their brand awareness. From ensuring that their website is mobile-friendly to offering mobile payment options, small business owners should be embracing smartphone technology however they can.

For instance, if you have clients who run a service-based business, like gardening, they can offer their customers the option to pay on the spot for a job well done. Most people actually prefer this, and it saves time sending out invoices and then chasing up late payers.

Having a mobile-optimized website means that not only will it appeal to their clients, but they’ll experience better SEO as well.

Smartphone technology’s here to stay, and is a very effective marketing tool, one that your small business customers should be including in their overall marketing strategy. So the next time any of your customers are musing over new ways to boost their brand, it’s worth having a chat with them to discuss the benefits of mobile marketing.

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