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More mobile, more digital – small business owners want to see their bank keep up

28 Mar

It’s a theme we return to often – the over-arching digital trend that’s pushing banks to adopt more up-to-date technologies. Their small business customers are increasingly using digital, mobile and internet payment options in their businesses, and they’re looking to their banks to provide them.

Which is why it’s worth taking a look at the range of payment solutions a bank currently offers its small business customers. If mobile and online banking aren’t part of the package, you’re denying your small business customers the opportunity to move with the times and offer their customers the latest payment options.

This is especially true for service-based businesses, which are often on the go and don’t operate out of an office. If they’re doing work at a customer’s home, it’s good if they can get paid on the spot. Their customers will like to pay immediately for a job well done, and it means that the small business owner has the cash in their account immediately, instead of having to wait for a check to clear, or chasing up an invoice.

The below article takes a closer look at digital trends in the world of small business banking.

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