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Overcoming the challenges of running a small business

09 Nov

The thing about running a small business is that the business owner often has the same sort of stresses and challenges that a big business does, but without the same complement of staff to help them run it. So when it comes to successfully running a small business – one that has happy employees and a healthy profit – there are a few golden rules to learn.

First – planning. We can’t emphasize this enough. From start-up to exit, the most successful businesses are those that have, and stick to, a plan.

Second, growth. Business owners can’t rest on their laurels. They should always be planning the next stage of growth, and always thinking of ways their business can grow.

Third – brand awareness. It’s essential to gain credibility and visibility from the start, so that a business stays front-of-mind to it’s customers and potential customers.

Fourth – tracking customers. It’s equally important to keep existing customers happy and coming back, as it is to always be trying to gain new customers.

These are some of the most basic, fundamental golden rules about running a successful business. The article below looks at a few more.

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