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Preventing and Stopping Employee Fraud

18 Aug

Businesses generally stay afloat on tight margins – the last thing they need is a dishonest employee taking advantage of their position at the expense of a business’s bottom line, not to mention destroying the trust between an employee and the business owner.

One of the most common forms of stealing is when an employee is tempted by all the products that are around them. This happens more often than stealing cash, because if they have some control over inventory, they can declare products damaged and then keep them for themselves. That’s why it’s important to have robust inventory processes that mean ALL goods must be accounted for, even damaged ones.

Coming in late and leaving early – knowing as ‘stealing time’ – is also common, and it often slips under the radar because it can be quite difficult to spot, particularly if the boss is busy. Technology means business owners can make use of electronic sign-in and sign-out methods, making it harder for the employee to fool the system.

Prevention’s always better than a cure however, so if employers take some time while hiring to conduct thorough background checks, they’re less likely to wind up with someone untrustworthy. It’s important to ensure they’ve thoroughly looked into potential employees’ backgrounds. Reference checks, qualification checks, credit checks, and a series of interviews will go a long way towards hiring employees who can be trusted.

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