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Proving ROI with small business content

16 Jan

If you were asked to specifically track your bank’s return on investment from a particular piece of content that had been strategically placed on your website and social media channels, where would you begin?

This can be a huge dilemma not only for banks but for many businesses that use content to generate leads. Whether you’ve produced an article, video, white paper or case study and your medium is a blog, landing page or social media platform, you’ll want to know the ROI of your content.

If you can track the ROI of your bank’s content through key performance indicators and prove the value of each piece of content, you’ll be able to budget more accurately while justifying the role that content plays in attracting and retaining small business customers.

Each piece of your content has a unique ROI based on its audience, the type of content, and the medium your prospects viewed it through. Aim to track each piece of small business content you want measured over a reasonable period of time, so you can draw trends and conclusions from it. There’s no master formula but consider adding tracking codes on social posts to measure what works for certain customer segments. Look deeper into how long a prospect spends on your site, how many pages they visit, or how many videos they watch.

After all, the aim of your content is to lead customers towards making purchases. The below article looks specifically at how you can get a better ROI with technology.

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