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Quality, targeted content is the key to being noticed online

27 Feb

If you’ve popped some information about your business online and then sat back believing you’ve unleashed the ultimate 24/7 online marketing machine, I’ve got some bad news.  Your website won’t attract repeat visitors or droves of potential new customers without  further effort on your part.

There are more than 250-million websites competing for the attention of some two billion Internet users – and this means you have to do something to make your website stand out or your message will be lost in the frenetic white noise of cyberspace.

Apart from promoting your site as often as you can and including it in the likes of advertisements, email signatures and social media profiles, there are two key things you need to do to ensure your website is as effective a marketing machine as you’d hoped it would be. You need to:

1. Appeal to search engines – they help ensure your target audience finds your site.

2. Appeal to human readers – they decide what to read, how long to stay on your site, whether to transact, and whether to return.

The good news is there is a relatively simple way to achieve both – by providing quality, targeted, expertly written content; created by professionals with your target audience and marketing goals in mind.

Content is the key

Putting relevant, quality content on your site is the key to achieving this.

  • It allows you to include the relevant, target keywords on your site. Your site content is the main way search engines determine if the content of your site is relevant for a search on a particular keyword; which in turn determines where your site will appear on search engine results pages. If your content is well written you’ll be able to appeal to search engines without putting your readers off with keyword rich, SEO-focused, jargon-heavy mumbo jumbo [A deliberate attempt at over-the-top keyword heavy copy here – Ed] that fails to get any message across before the browser teletransports elsewhere in cyberspace with the click of a mouse.
  • It allows you to provide useful information and add value for the user. This will keep visitors on your site, encourage them to stay on your site, and hopefully encourage word-of-mouth recommendations, social network shares and repeat visits to your website.
  • It feeds a self-perpetuating promotion cycle. Popularity and social traction with site visitors or users in turn indicates to search engines that your site has quality content worth recommending, and helps to increase your search engine rankings and the chances of being found online.

Poor or sloppy web copy can cost you business (read more in three tips to avoid losing business with sloppy web copy), while quality, targeted copy can be used effectively to generate and maintain customer loyalty, and business growth. It is probably best achieved by hiring a specialist.

For more information, read our white paper on how banks can drive customer loyalty and growth with business-focused content. Although this applies specifically to the small business banking industry, you’ll be able to draw parallels and better understand how quality web content can help improve businesses in your industry too.

And yes, The Small Business Company specializes in providing a range of business-focused web content and online training, so drop us a line if we can help.

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