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Reasons why banks should outsource their content marketing

29 Mar

It’s no secret that banks are in need of fresh, dynamic content for their websites, especially their small business sections. But one of the most commonly asked questions is “How? And from where?” There are any number of answers, all of them depending on what requirements a bank has in terms of content marketing. You could draw people from within the bank’s existing employee pool, but who’s to say they’d agree to take on writing tasks on top of everything else they have to do?

But let’s say there are some keen folk there, perhaps those who’ve been secretly harbouring writing ambitions, who’d be keen to give it a try. And let’s also assume that among those, there are those who can actually write. Is it enough? And who’s going to tie it all together?

This is where outsourcing your content marketing can help. A bank can combine any of their own staff with experienced content marketers and editors, to form a hybrid team that’s continually creating content that’s fresh, relevant and most of all, to scale.

The below article looks at how to outsource content marketing in more detail.

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