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Rebranding a small business

22 Nov

If a business is facing a challenging time in terms of sales, or there’s been a plateau in the growth phase that doesn’t look like ending anytime soon, it could be time for a rebrand.

This is a big undertaking for any small business owner, but often there are manifold advantages to be had, such as gaining a competitive advantage, stimulating growth and once more becoming front-of-mind for customers and potential customers.

And it’s a good way to involve customers as well. Not only will a business get valuable feedback, but making customers feel as if they’re a part of the process forges a stronger relationship.

Some businesses ask customers to vote on a name change if they’re going through a re-branding process. Have some fun with the contest and be sure to reward all participants with a small gift, recognition, or access to a new product before it launches.

Small business owners might also want to think of how they could rebrand their products to fit a new target audience or smaller niche.

The below article looks at 4 ways to conduct a digital rebrand of a small business.

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