Sunday, 24 June 2018

Information and commentary for the small business banking industry

Sell your story and become a thought leader

Social media, shared experiences and interactive digital engagement are in vogue in the marketing world of both banks and small businesses. With the focus on delivering high quality content and services to online mobile channels, sales are becoming more likely online than through a branch or outlet.

Selling your story and your personality

Telling your business’s story through different channels to try and engross customers in the whole emotion of your experience is already being experimented with.

Through digital channels we know more about our customers than we ever have before, such as their:

  • Age bracket.
  • Lifestyles and hobbies.
  • Education and professions.
  • Brands that they identify with.

An omni-media approach

Known as the omni-media method where a business tells parts of a narrative through different channels, you might see a segment on your mobile, another part online, and a third in-store.

One successful example is Bank of America. They’re setting the standard for a vibrant experience – which allows customers to do everything from appointment scheduling to cheque depositing on the company’s mobile or desktop apps.

SEO as a valuable tool

With the trend towards producing more quality content for small business customers, expect to see an increase in the effectiveness of using search engine optimization (SEO) to direct consumers to the information they’re looking for.

Businesses will look to use landing pages and start paying attention to their site analytics, with the intent of driving more potential customers to their sites, to view their content.

The rise of thought leaders

Some businesses will try promoting themselves as thought leaders, while attempting to harness more traffic through their website to grow their newsletter, leading to an increase in sales.

In particular, banks may start looking to promote themselves as thought leaders by leveraging:

  • Risk management.
  • Finance and business performance information.
  • Economic forecasts.

Knowledge may just be the key to gaining extra business.

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