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Show your small business customers how to market on a shoestring budget

14 Jul

Your small business customers don’t always need a lot of money to market their business effectively if they get the basics right. In fact, effective marketing isn’t about how much you can spend, it’s about how well your strategies work.

The internet, with all its social media options and SEO initiatives, is a great way to market a business at relatively low cost. Keeping websites updated, leveraging the relevant social media channels, and making use of tools that can analyze website traffic, will all help tailor marketing accordingly.

The most important thing, though, is to keep existing customers happy and encourage them to refer others to the business. Word of mouth is the cheapest and yet most effective form of advertising. People are going to trust their friends and family more than traditional advertising, so getting customers to tell their friends and family about a business is a goal every small business owner should be striving for.

So this means making sure the customer experience they’re offering is at all times excellent. Well-trained, knowledgeable staff are a must. The ability to turn a negative complaint into a positive customer experience is also essential.

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