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Simplicity and a dynamite headline

07 Dec

Internet users don’t want to scroll through truckloads of text, trying to decipher long, complicated sentences of unnecessary jargon. They simply want to know what you’ve got to offer and how it will benefit them.

Using simple, concise language that gets to the point – maybe with a touch of humor – is the way to keep users reading. Nobody wants to link through to an interesting website only to find a gigantic lump of information in the form of an out-of-control paragraph!

Nothing beats a headline that can entice the reader to click the link through to your site. There’s a fine line between writing an extravagant headline with little substance and one that grabs your potential customers’ attention while also telling them about the page they’re clicking through to.

People can get annoyed at clicking through to a page they didn’t expect or that’s overhyped. Next time, they might choose to ignore your link while thinking about the time they wasted previously.

9 tips for writing great headlines

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