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22 Mar

One of the over-arching themes we emphasize here at TSBC is that a relationship that a bank has with its small business customers isn’t just about money… or, it shouldn’t be. Small business owners, especially ones who haven’t been in business long, are always looking for good, sound advice to help manage their business, and to grow.

A bank is ideally placed to providee that advice. Having dedicated small business banking advisors who are focused on, and know their customers, well, are going to build a relationship with them that goes above and beyond a business loan.

That’s why it’s important to demonstrate to small business owners that your bank understands small business. That you’re interested in what your customers are doing, are willing to learn about their business and are always there to provide a sounding board.

And of course, as we say so often, you need a comprehensive Small Business Resource Center on your bank’s website. You can load this up with resources that small business owners need on a daily basis, and which they’ll be grateful for. You can also demonstrate your knowledge of small business trends – and the below article’s a great way to do that.

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