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Small business banking’s better in the cloud

22 Sep

The cloud is thousands of computers, all linked together in a warehouse. So instead of using accounting software that’s installed on a computer, and then saving all the files onto the same machine, cloud computing allows storage of all that software and data on a server that can be accessed anytime, and from anywhere.

Transferring business banking into the cloud can make a huge difference in how a business works, banks and communicates.

Updates happen in real time. A business owner doesn’t need to wait 24 hours for updates, nor do they need to be physically at the bank to access theirr data, or even physically sitting in an office.

It’s much safer. If an office burns down, or a laptop gets stolen, the business accounts aren’t lost with it. Unless login details are stored on the actual computer, the thief won’t have access to confidential financial data.

In the world of small business – and outside of it too – cloud accounting is the way of the future, thanks to its manifold benefits and means of increasing business efficiency. It’ll continue to grow and as it does, it’ll become even easier to use with more features and ways to enhance small business.

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