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SME owners need banking apps with functional, simple designs

27 Feb

It’s standard practice for banks to have their own mobile apps for their business customers to use when on the go, but how much time and effort is being invested in the design of these applications?

Leading banks are beginning to use mobile design strategies as a foundation for interactions with their customers; it’s one of the latest changes in mobile banking for small businesses.

The key is really to combine functionality with simplicity. If you think about your bank’s mobile app, you most likely have it on your phone but may not use it often.

Ask any small business owner what their favorite apps are for business and they might tell you Evernote or Dropbox, but they’re unlikely to mention their bank’s app.

Banking apps are destined to go beyond simply banking. For example, a banking app for potential business customers looking to purchase a new office won’t just have the bank’s latest mortgage rates.

The below article looks at mobile app trends likely to come to prominence in 2017.

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