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Social media marketing – it won’t bust the budget

06 Jul

Successful businesses are those that understand the importance of an effective marketing strategy, and their budget will include funds for it. The great thing about the modern world is social media – it’s a cheap (often free!) method of getting the message across and boosting brand awareness. And because it’s so cost-effective and because so many people are on social media, it’s crucial that small business owners don’t overlook it as a means of advertising.

The whole idea behind using social media is to drive traffic to a business’s website, promote new products or services, or enhance the already available offerings. For example, if a business is selling hardware and DIY products, they could also include free how-to videos on a YouTube channel. Or if a cafe is thinking of expanding their menu items, they could conduct surveys and polls on Facebook to get their customers’ input.

That’s the other great thing about social media for small business owners – it helps them engage with their customers on a more personal level. If people feel that business owners are paying attention to their feedback, they’re going to connect with them and stay loyal to them – and tell their friends about them.

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