Monday, 23 July 2018

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20 Apr

Why content is the bee’s knees for SME bank marketing

A cheap, easy and effective marketing tool It’s no secret – content marketing has fast become more popular than traditional marketing methods such as print, radio and television. Why? Because online is the first place that people look when they’re searching for, or researching goods and services. It’s also because […]

03 Feb

The benefits of outsourcing content marketing

It’s no secret that banks are in need of fresh, dynamic content for their websites, especially their small business sections. But one of the most commonly asked questions is “How? And from where?”

16 Dec

Case studies – win-win for banks and customers

One case study, so much content Here’s the thing – people love to tell their own stories, especially if they’re success stories. So if your bank has clients who are running profitable small businesses, the chances are very good they’ve got some good tales to tell about their path to […]

02 Dec

The 2017 business year – help your small business customers look ahead

Maintaining that competitive advantage There’s so much competition among small businesses in the U.S. that it’s essential for business owners to remain up to date with what’s happening in their industry, so that they can maintain and improve their competitive advantage, as well as boosting their brand in the marketplace. […]

25 Nov

Growing your business with cool content

To grow your business, it’s vital you have a strategy surrounding content – particularly online content and how you can utilize it to boost traffic to your site and enhance your brand. How can you make your content cool? Understand your audience In order to deliver cool content that helps […]

11 Nov

The importance of digital marketing

Searching for a bank – everyone’s online When was the last time you saw someone pick up the actual, doorstop-heavy, physical version of the Yellow Pages? So long ago you probably can’t remember. It’s just not how people search for a bank – or any kind of business – anymore. […]

04 Nov

Making content marketing successful over the long term

Is your bank taking a long-term approach to its content marketing strategy? If it’s putting in the time and effort to build a sustainably successful content marketing plan, the rankings, traffic and conversion rewards can be well worth it. Publish your small business content often By increasing how often you […]

07 Oct

Outsourcing your content marketing

Has your bank embraced content marketing? Creating consistently valuable content isn’t easy – in fact, engaging your target small business audience can be tough. One solution can be to outsource this task to a content marketing company that specializes in generating content that connects on a regular basis. Outsourcing content […]

16 Sep

Why your small business customers should be accepting online payments

It’s fast, it’s easy and it boosts cash flow Customers are used to paying immediately when they’re in retail outlets. This is more of a problem with service-based businesses, many of which are still using an invoicing system to collect payment from their clients. The way around that is to […]

02 Sep

Recent trends on the content marketing landscape

Content marketing trends are continuing to emerge and evolve – and it makes finding out what your audience wants content-wise a little more difficult. Recent trends are usually a smart bet, such as the ones outlined below. The rise of podcasts targeted at small businesses Your small business banking customers […]