Monday, 28 May 2018

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13 Jan

The importance of the CTA

CTAs – important but overlooked CTA stands for Call To Action – and if you had to ask the question in the first place, then you definitely need to keep reading! So what is it exactly? It’s a link – which could be text, an image, an information box – […]

02 Dec

The 2017 business year – help your small business customers look ahead

Maintaining that competitive advantage There’s so much competition among small businesses in the U.S. that it’s essential for business owners to remain up to date with what’s happening in their industry, so that they can maintain and improve their competitive advantage, as well as boosting their brand in the marketplace. […]

25 Nov

Growing your business with cool content

To grow your business, it’s vital you have a strategy surrounding content – particularly online content and how you can utilize it to boost traffic to your site and enhance your brand. How can you make your content cool? Understand your audience In order to deliver cool content that helps […]

11 Nov

The importance of digital marketing

Searching for a bank – everyone’s online When was the last time you saw someone pick up the actual, doorstop-heavy, physical version of the Yellow Pages? So long ago you probably can’t remember. It’s just not how people search for a bank – or any kind of business – anymore. […]

21 Jul

Help your small business customers to go global

Have you noticed lately that some of your small business customers are enjoying a greater success than they’d originally hoped for? If what they’re selling is becoming increasingly popular and they’re looking at ways to exploit that, it could be time to start thinking about entering the international marketplace. And […]

01 Jul

Show your small business customers how to increase sales

The best advice As a small business banking partner, it’s likely that your small business customers are going to turn to you for advice, particularly if they’re experiencing financial difficulties. Borrowing more money doesn’t necessarily have to be the only benefit they can get from you – what if you […]

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17 Aug

The fine art of the CTA

What’s a CTA? It stands for Call To Action. And you’d be surprised how many people don’t understand what it actually does, which is a shame because they’re missing out on opportunities to further engage their audience. So what is it exactly? It’s a link – which could be text, […]

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28 May

What do a bank and a pet food store have in common?

What they have in common are people who’ve gone from customers to fans. It’s no big secret – word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand and sell your product or service. The best way to do this is to turn your customers into […]