Thursday, 19 April 2018

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27 Jan

Help your small business customers make the most of seasonal profits

Welcome back to TSBC, we hope you had a fabulous Christmas and an even better New Year! 2016 was certainly an interesting one, not just for small businesses but for banks and business in general, what with Brexit and the U.S. election. We look ahead with interest to see what […]

20 Jan

Do you have small business customers who’d benefit from exporting?

If your bank has customers who are doing well domestically with good sales, it could be time to sit down and have a chat with them about the possibilities of selling their products in the international marketplace.

02 Dec

The 2017 business year – help your small business customers look ahead

Maintaining that competitive advantage There’s so much competition among small businesses in the U.S. that it’s essential for business owners to remain up to date with what’s happening in their industry, so that they can maintain and improve their competitive advantage, as well as boosting their brand in the marketplace. […]

23 Sep

Workshops, demonstrations and events – great ways to grow a business

Think creatively about business growth Most small business owners will be familiar with the tried-and-true methods for growing a business, and most of them focus on improving profits, increasing their customer base and finding new markets. But growing a business doesn’t necessarily rest with the bottom line. When it comes […]

26 Aug

How small business owners become thought leaders

One of the most effective ways for small business owners to grow their business is by boosting brand awareness and credibility. And a tried-and-true method for that is to become a thought leader – someone who’s considered the ‘go-to’ authority in their area. Becoming a thought leader will not only […]

21 Jul

Help your small business customers to go global

Have you noticed lately that some of your small business customers are enjoying a greater success than they’d originally hoped for? If what they’re selling is becoming increasingly popular and they’re looking at ways to exploit that, it could be time to start thinking about entering the international marketplace. And […]

05 Jul

Show your small business customers how to boost their capacity

More and more these days, customers are turning to their banks for financial advice – not just how much they can borrow or what lending packages are available, but how they can grow their business and increase their profits. If you’ve got small business customers whose growth is being hampered […]

01 Jul

Show your small business customers how to increase sales

The best advice As a small business banking partner, it’s likely that your small business customers are going to turn to you for advice, particularly if they’re experiencing financial difficulties. Borrowing more money doesn’t necessarily have to be the only benefit they can get from you – what if you […]

13 Apr

How banks can help small businesses raise finance creatively

Business banking relationships – more than just loans One of the main reasons that banks develop relationships with small businesses is finance. Usually it’s about lending solutions, but banks can – and should – cement their relationships with their small business customers further by offering finance solutions that aren’t just […]

23 Mar

Helping your customers to set goals

Why goal setting is important These days, small business customers look to their bank for more than just financial advice. In fact, a small business owner will often turn to their banking manager for guidance on most issues around running a business, and one of the best ways to help […]