Thursday, 21 June 2018

Information and commentary for the small business banking industry

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18 Mar

Helping your customers to improve their working capital

Explaining working capital As all banks know, working with their small business customers isn’t just about lending money. Business owners, especially new ones, will look to their bank as one of the go-to sources of advice about many aspects of running a small business, and one of the most essential […]

26 Jan

Helping seasonal businesses through the ups and downs

Seasonal means there’ll be quiet times There are all kinds of seasonal businesses – beach hotels, fruit stalls, ski and surf shops – but what they have in common is that during the year they’ll go through both busy and quiet times. New businesses, especially, may ask for help and […]

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05 Jun

The slow death of the traditional business model

Trends come and go in the world of business – many as momentary successes that fade away over time. But some hang around and affect the way you do business. Those are the trends that you’ll want to keep an eye on and integrate into your own business if you […]

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23 Mar

How content marketing drives traffic

In our fast-paced, changing world, people are inundated with marketing messages, most of which follow the traditional method of interrupting the consumer. The overload of information and advertising happens not only in the physical world as people go about their daily business, but is rife in the online space as […]