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Targeting your small business content at people, not an SME

09 Aug

All too often it’s easy to forget that the audience sitting behind their screens reading your content are human beings with opinions, emotions, beliefs and ideals. Creating content just for its own sake can be a mistake; some time spent developing content that people will connect with on all sorts of levels will help them engage with your business.

A customer doesn’t engage with a business thinking about nothing else than transactions, leaving the rest of themselves at the door. To structure your content so that it only appeals to the business side of your customers means you’re appealing to only a part of who they are.

Think about interactions you’ve had with businesses where you’ve come away from the encounter feeling that they ‘got’ you. It won’t be just because they were able to meet your customer needs, but because they took some time to get to know you on a more personal level.

8 ways to engage better with your customers

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