Sunday, 22 July 2018

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The best advice for your small business customers

17 Jul

These days, small business owners look to their bank for more than just financial solutions. Banks have small business advisors that are experienced in many aspects of small business, and business owners find their help and advice to be invaluable. But they should also be encouraged to widen their support network and seek advice from others as well. Banks are central hubs in the business community, so they’re well placed to not only advise, but to recommend other sources of advice as well.

There are two main types of mentors – one that’s paid as a professional, and one that’s a fellow small business owner happy to share their experiences. Small business owners should look for someone with experience in their industry, someone who’s launched and grown a business themselves, and someone who’s gone through the same sort of expansion a business owner might be planning.

Accountants and lawyers are good sources, as are business networks and industry events.  And here’s an article worth sharing with your small business customers – Three Steps to Finding A Business Mentor.

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