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The fine art of repurposing content

23 Sep

If a business website has created content that’s fresh, engaging and successful, there’s no point in letting it go to waste. There’s any number of ways of repurposing existing content, thereby making the most of it.

Re-examining successful content to get the most out of it is beneficial in several ways. One idea can generate several pieces of content, such as taking a case study and using the images for an infographic, or turning it into a Powerpoint presentation.

Repurposing also means engaging a wider audience, because it’ll appeal to more people with different content preferences. And it increases the longevity of the content. Some of the audience may have missed a great video presentation the first time round, but if it’s been redesigned as an infographic with a link to the original content, it’ll get more views.

The point is, a lot of work usually goes into creating great content. To ensure it’s as efficient as it possibly can be, thereby optimizing the effort that’s gone into it, look at ways it can be used again. And it saves time and money, so don’t let the best pieces of content go to waste – dust them off and bring them back to life.

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