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The importance of a good business website

25 Oct

Everyone’s online these days. When people search for a business, they don’t do it with the Yellow Pages anymore… unless they’re using the online version. Even then, they’re still looking for business websites, which is why it’s essential for all small businesses to have one.

Not only is a website the best and most effective way to engage with target customers, but it’s a reflection of the business, it’s culture and of course, what it’s selling. They can range from the simple ‘online brochure’ which provides contact details and a basic outline of the offering, to more complex, retail-based sites that also act as a distribution channel.

Business owners will get the most out of their websites if they’re used in conjunction with social media. The idea is to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to the business website, as well as to communicate with their customers.

It’s also really important for business websites to have proper SEO – Search Engine Optimization. This makes it easier for search engines like Google to find them and list them at the top of their search results. There’s actually not much point in having a website if there’s no effective SEO in place, and it’s worth business owners paying a professional to ensure their websites are SEO optimized.

The below article looks at other aspects of designing a great business website.

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