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The importance of an online presence

25 Jan

As we say so often, everyone’s online these days. They expect to be able to find a business or a bank by using Google – and using it on their smartphone.

That’s why it’s so important for a bank, even one in a small town whose customers are families who go back generations, to move with the times and make sure that their website isn’t just an online brochure.

You’d be surprised how many U.S. banks’ websites are just that… and look as if they’ve been designed by a kid in high school just learning about website design.

It’s important for banks to have up-to-date, comprehensive websites that are easy to use, offer mobile options and apps, and clearly lay out the bank’s products and services.

The same goes for small businesses, and it’s something your small business advisors should discuss with their small business customers. Not having a decent online presence, with complementary social media, simply means that potential customers won’t be able to find them. And if they can’t find them, they can’t become loyal customers.

The below article looks at the importance of an online presence in more detail.

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