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The importance of mentors in small business banking

27 Apr

A bank’s small business advisors are ideally placed to not only provide sound assistance and guidance to their small business customers, but to complement that guidance by helping them find business mentors and advisors.

Whether the advisors they have in mind are customers as well, or contacts they’ve made through industry networking, hooking them up with your small business customers will always be welcome.

This is especially true for people who are new to business. Sometimes they have their own advisors through family or former work colleagues, but often they don’t, which means they’re missing out on sharing in the wealth knowledge that people who are experienced in business can provide. And when the start-up phase is completed, it’s still a good idea to keep in touch with people who can provide help and advice, so they can move forward.

Try to pair your small business customers with experienced business owners the bank knows personally, and who are willing to provide mentoring services.

The below article looks at business mentoring in more detail.

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