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The importance of good accounting software for small business owners

23 May

There are are some small businesses that can still get away with using an Excel spreadsheet, but not many. In most cases, especially these days, small business owners need to be using good, up-to-date software that not only keeps their financial records straight, but organizes payroll, reminds about tax time and can be used in the cloud on and on their smartphones.

Cloud software is how most people are going these days. It means that no matter where they are or what they’re doing, they can keep on top of their finances. They can make and receive payments and make sure they’ve got a healthy cash flow, even if they’re lying on a beach somewhere.

Not only that, but keeping records in the cloud is a lot more secure. If a disaster befalls their office, or their laptop is stolen or virused, they can still log into their financial records anywhere, with any device, as long as they’ve got an internet connection. It also means that if a laptop is compromised, their financial data won’t be.

The below article looks at some of the best software of 2017 – a good article to share with your small business customers.

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