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Keeping safe from ransomware and other internet nasties

24 May

Many businesses are reeling from the cyber attack that’s damaged computer systems over the past couple of weeks. Ransomware is particularly insidious since files are actually held to ransom, locked up until the computer’s owner pays to get them released, and since there’s no real fix for it yet.

That’s why it’s so important for the bank and its customers to have taken steps to protect themselves from cyber fraud. At the bank, you’ve probably had your systems protected by a professional IT security consultant, and so you should. But many of your small business customers won’t have that luxury, so it’s a good time to ask them about their security and give them some tips so they don’t fall victim to any ransomware.

It’s mostly pretty basic: make sure they don’t open email attachments without being sure of what the attachment is and who it’s from, making sure their computers have the latest security patches, and if they can, upgrading their operating system so it’s not one of the older versions that’s being targeted.

The below article has some more tips you could share with your small business customers on how to deal with ransomware.

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