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The importance of SEO

29 Sep

You might have the best looking business website in the industry, professionally designed with all the bells and whistles. But if it’s not SEO-optimized, it’s all for nothing. Because no-one will be able to find it.

Everyone’s online these days, and that means that consumers begin their search for a business on Google. If your website hasn’t been set up with proper SEO elements, Google won’t notice it. And that means neither will the consumers.

So what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization, and it’s how you set up the back end so that the front becomes attractive to search engines like Google. When people type in key words about a business, your website will rank high in the search results, which is what you want because in most cases, people don’t bother clicking to page 2 of the Google search. They’ll click on the first 3 or 4 websites that pop up.

So the trick is to identify keywords that people are likely to use when they’re searching for a business like yours. Make a list, and incorporate them into the text on the page and the keywords meta tags. Try to come up with different, but applicable, keywords for each page. You can use the Google keyword tool to identify relevant keywords. Aim to use specific keywords which are not used by a lot of businesses e.g. not cheap, free or bargain.

The more your content is geared towards what Google is looking for, the better your ranking will be and the more traffic you’ll be driving to your website.

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