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The importance of the CTA

13 Jan

CTAs – important but overlooked

CTA stands for Call To Action – and if you had to ask the question in the first place, then you definitely need to keep reading!

So what is it exactly? It’s a link – which could be text, an image, an information box – that encourages readers to click through. But it’s not just websites that have CTAs – they can be used in mobile text messages, infographics, webinars – basically any kind of content.

When it comes to content marketing, CTAs are often overlooked. This is a shame, because your content should be geared towards getting your audience to click through. You might have written a blog about a new financial package or upcoming industry event – if there’s nowhere to click for further information, the blog’s not going to be nearly as valuable and worthwhile as it can be.

The CTA basics

CTAs are most effective if they’re deployed properly. And to know how to do that, you need to identify what kind of CTA you’re using. Is it a sidebar, a link within text, a button, an image, a pop-up?

What you need to do is consider how you want to engage your readers – which one would work best? Here are some tips:

  • Think about what your goal is. Are you trying to get readers to sign up for a webinar, download a new tool, or click through to a new microsite? The CTA needs to make it as hassle-free for the reader as possible.
  • CTAs should be highly visible, not hidden in a corner somewhere it’s easily missed. They often work best on the right of the content, since that’s where a reader’s eye naturally moves.
  • Don’t go trying to a) cram a whole lot of information into one CTA or b) loading the page up with multiple CTAs. The whole point is to get your audience to click through – that’s where they’ll get all their information. Keep them short and simple.
  • Create a sense of urgency. Try to convey the idea that time’s running out. It might expire, there could be a limited number available – anything that’ll convince the reader they need to be in, and fast.
  • Test your CTA and make sure it’s working across all the platforms it’s intended for. Get people on different computers and mobile devices to click on it and report any problems.

If you’re not trying to sell a new small business banking package, or promoting a new financial calculator, your content is probably aimed at building trust. You can still have a CTA for this kind of content, such as “Ask to speak to one of our Small Business Specialists,” with a link to relevant contacts.

Here at TSBC, we’re experts when it comes to CTAs. Contact us on to read some of our success stories and find out how we can help you.


Glen Senior
Glen is the founder and CEO of The Small Business Company, a New Zealand based agency that specialises in helping banks communicate with small businesses through content marketing. He has written a number of books on small business principles and is a sought after consultant and conference presenter.

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